Meet The Team

The team of qualified and experienced weight loss experts at the Rapid Loss Weight Loss Clinic are here to help you lose weight and get healthy and happy.


Meet Karlene

Weight Loss Motivation Coach Karlene is here to help you break free of old habits.

Not only does Karlene understand the challenge of losing weight, she is qualified to assist those wanting to lose weight and suffering from acute and chronic medical conditions.

Changing eating habits can be hard. Especially when you are learning the benefits of exercise. Karlene is experienced in helping you make the right food choices and change your lifelong habits, to lose weight and get healthy and happy.

Calling on her personal experience, Karlene incorporates strategies that help you make the right choices and decision along your weight loss journey, so you can change your past eating and exercising behaviours for the better.

If you want to reach your full potential and kick the old food habits that are keeping you from your goals.

Weight Loss Motivation Coach Karlene will guide you through the weight loss program and motivate you to achieve your life changing weight loss goal.

Meet Rachael

Rachael is the Customer Service Manager at the Rapid Loss Weight Loss Clinic.

Rachael’s role is to ensure our weight loss clients get the ultimate customer experience and help them on their weight loss journey. The first step is to take clients through their health questionnaire, which enables us to understand their personal situation…or any potential stumbling blocks.

Rachael is your point of first contact. She will discuss your health questionnaire outcomes with the Rapid Loss Clinic’s Chief Dietician and the rest of the team, to ensure our health professionals tailor your program and you achieve the weight loss results you desire.

Meet Amal

Amal Hammoud Saleh is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) with a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science and Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. Amal has been working in the weightloss industry for seven years and extremely passionate about empowering clients to take control of their health through education and exercise prescription.

Her passion for exercise and wellbeing started early when she was fortunate enough to represent the Australian under 16’s Indoor Soccer team, since then she has perused her passion for exercise and medicine working as an AEP at the local hospital Amal is also a sessional tutor teaching Exercise Health and Disease at university and has extensive experience in injury rehabilitation. Working alongside Ray Kelly for over 5 years she has been able to develop the unique skills required to assist in motivating clients to achieve their goals.

She has a strong passion for setting goals and achieving them and has a unique ability to inspire and motivate others.  Amal’s positive attitude and sporting achievement resulted in her being awarded the Pieere de Coubertin award. As an accredited exercise physiologist her passion for fitness and the treatment of chronic diseases continues to grow as does her passion to help change people’s lives.