Frequently Asked Questions About The Rapid Loss Clinic


What is an Exercise Physiologist?
An Exercise Physiologist is a university qualified health professional that must met stringent criteria set by Exercise and Sports Science Australia to receive accreditation.

An Exercise Physiologist is qualified to assist clients with complex and advanced health conditions, such as those overcoming injuries or requiring rehabilitation. They also specialise in providing exercise programs for clients who suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes or want to prevent these illnesses through exercise.

When you see an Exercise Physiologist Medicare rebates are available and refunds are also available from private health funds (depending on your level of cover).


I have limited mobility, can I join the Rapid Loss Clinic?
Yes. We cater for all clients, including those with special health conditions and needs. We can help you lose weight and increase your mobility.


Do I need a referral from my doctor to join the Rapid Loss Clinic?
No! Our weight loss programs are based upon scientific research into diet and exercise and are individually tailored based upon your  lifestyle needs.We do, however, recommend that before starting the program you consult with your doctor to make sure that you do not suffer from any health conditions that may prevent you from participating.  The sooner you start the sooner you will lose weight and start enjoying life more!


Are health fund rebates available when I join the Rapid Loss Clinic?
Whether you are entitled to claim a rebate depends on your fund and your level of cover. Check with your private health fund to see if you are eligible.


Will I be hungry?
No! The wonderful thing about our meal plan is that there is plenty of food to eat as you lose weight.


How much does it cost?
The Rapid Loss Clinics offer various prices for their programs. Contact us to find out more.


What meal plan do you recommend to lose weight fast?
To reach your goal weight fast, we ensure clients have plenty of food, however limit variety to ensure maximum weight loss.
The content of meal plans depend on a clients lifestyle. However, any plan for quick weight loss includes eating low GI, low sodium, high fibre, and reduced carbohydrates.


How many times a week should I weigh myself?
We suggest that you weigh yourself at least once a week to remain accountable for your weight loss.

5 reasons why the Rapid Clinic works...

1. A Diet Plan Crafted by Your Consultant

No guesswork required, your professional consultant will provide an eating plan just for you based on our revolutionary 4x1 diet.

Choose from our library of recipes designed just for you and your progress level, or use our online tools to create your own meals with our ingredient selectors. No stress, no willpower, just professionally designed eating plans to help you lose weight.

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2. Exercise Your Way

You are provided a tailored exercise program just for you, suited for your stage, to be followed at your own pace.

Even better, you will have access to our full library of the exercises our professionals recommend for each stage of your progress. You can mix and match depending on where you are and what you have access to.

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3. Stay on Track Wherever You Go

Our free smartphone app is your secret weapon to weight loss success.

Tools that allow you to create weight loss goals to suit your lifestyle. Create and record your very own workouts and track your daily steps. Learn to make healthier food choices with the 4/1 Diet and access healthy recipes. Monitor your weight loss and fitness gains.

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4. You Won't be Alone

Join the thousands of Australians who have succeeded in losing weight for the last time with the Rapid Loss Program.

Why go it alone when you have the support of your very own weight loss motivation consultant? Plus the Rapid Loss expert weight loss team plus access to our private members group where you can connect with our experts and other members.

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5. Supplements You Can Trust, No Guessing!

How much protein? What are amino acids? Which vitamins? It's all too hard! As a Rapid Clinic member you will recieve a carefully curated set of supplements to use as part of your program.

We take all the confusion away. Our professionals will let you know exactly what YOU should take to lose the most weight. Easy!

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Our Success Stories So Far...

We are extremely proud of our clients and the success we have been able to achieve together.

Julieanne L Lost 80 Kilos *

Despite injury along the way, Julieanne changed her lifelong habits and shed a total of 80kg with the Rapid Loss Weight Loss Program. Julienne is happier, healthier, stronger and more confident.

Clint A Lost 44 Kilos in 16 Weeks *

Clint achieved an amazing weight loss result of 44kg in 16 weeks! As well as losing weight he regained his health and fitness and is enjoyed a happier and healthier lifestyle.

John H Lost 25 Kilos *

John achieved a total body transformation with the Rapid Loss Weight Loss Program. Not only did John reach his goal and lose 25 kilos, he credits the tools of the program and the support and knowledge of our professional team for helping him become more energetic, confident and happier.

Talia R Lost 42 Kilos *

Under the watchful eye of our support team, Talia R has successfully reached her goal weight and transformed her life. She has lost an amazing 42 kilos in 6 months with the Rapid Loss Program and quit smoking. What an amazing lifestyle transformation!

Mary C Lost 37.7 Kilos *

Despite being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Mary lost 30kg in 16 weeks and a total weight loss of 37 kilos with the Rapid Loss Program. She has maintained her new body weight and is now confident and leads an active lifestyle, competing in national bodybuilding championships and running marathons.

Les M Lost 60 Kilos *

Les used the support and advice of the expert Rapid Loss Team to lose a huge 60 kilos and achieve his weight loss goal! His secret? Les relied on all the tools of our weight loss program, especially the Rapid Loss Community to keep himself motivated and accountable during his incredible weight loss journey!

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* Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of the Rapid Clinic program.

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